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Thank you for visiting the Yogakidz website. This site holds a wealth of information on Yoga for children and young people of all ages.


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WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE AND DO NOT OFFER FRANCHISES AS PART OF YOGAKIDZ or YOGAKIDZ WORLDWIDE (our teacher training company). All our Teachers listed on the Teachers Directory have been trained via Yogakidz Worldwide and are individuals in their own right and teach Yoga freely. That to us is Yoga.

Here on this website, you will find information on yoga classes in your area, what happens in a class, about the Yogakidz Teachers, Yogakidz Parties, and a vast variety of information on yoga and health. Please contact Yogakidz directly should you wish to book a class or if you require any further information.  Please also JOIN THE MAILING LIST  for any updates to the Teachers Directory, Classes, and information on yoga/health for children and young people.

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The world is changing at a quickening pace, which leaves many behind. There is a move towards a change in consciousness, and society has to be prepared to be more open. There are more and more yoga teachers and therapists appearing on the scene– all it seems, to be in some kind of preparation. For us to cope with all these changes we need to have our optimum health and fitness – in our bodies, our emotions, our mental states and in our spirit. Now more than ever is an important time for all of us to slow down a little and take conscious action rather than rushing around and become the change we would like to see in this new world.

Obesity is increasing at a frightening pace, not only in adults but also in our children. Recent governmental figures show that, one in 10 children inBritainalone are obese by the age of five and one in three 11 year olds are overweight. Our children are becoming fatter and more health challenged due to the unconscious choices made by parents and their children. Now more than ever is a time to take action, otherwise we could become a world of dis-eased Human Beings. Our bodies are not at EASE

Yoga has been around Thousands of years and has so many tried and tested techniques that are designed to shape our bodies, our mind, our emotions and our spirits so that we can reach a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. Yoga really does help so many individuals on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, in becoming happy, healthy and relaxed.

Yogakidz is a company aimed at teaching children and young people yogic techniques and health awareness. Prevention is far better than curing! This statement holds the clue to creating a more harmonious world. Many adults are in the ‘cure’ stage, seeking doctors and prescription drugs to ‘cure’ their ills (fortunately more adults are also seeking other ways, such as yoga and complementary therapies). This ‘cure’ state of many people’s mindsets could be prevented at an earlier stage.

Should you wish to discuss classes or bookings, please contact Yogakidz.

WE ARE A MEMBER OF Fair Play for Children
please visit their website for information about them.