Nutrikidz Workshop

Nutrikidz is about reminding children and their parents that better food choices will stop most illnesses and their children from becoming over weight or even obese. It’s not the calories that are the problem it’s what and when you eat!

This exciting four hours workshop (2hrs x 2) is both fun and informative and invites children to enjoy natural whole organic foods.

Further research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine by the Kaiser Permanente centre for health research in Oregon studied 1,700 people and found that keeping a food diary when dieting could double the amount of weight lost.  Those people who wrote down what they ate dropped an average of almost 18lb in six months whereas those who kept no record had an average weight loss of almost 9lb.

Setting up positive conditions which allow children to take control of their health is more than just empowering.  This powerful workshop focuses on practical elements dealing with food preparations and choices made, which will determine how we feel and maintain our ideal health weight.

There truly is no rocket science in this healthy workshop, however making those respective distinctions in our lives will determine our destiny

Exciting topics covered in the workshop:

  1. Food labels
  2. Practical food preparations
  3. Basic hygiene
  4. Nutrients & products that bring us closer to dis-ease and compromise our immune systems
  5. Basic food diaries
  6. Simple biochemistry & nutritional knowledge

Each child will walk away with comprehensive knowledge and a greater understanding as to how better habitual food choices will improve their whole wellbeing.

To book, please contact Sarah.